Neue Modellankündigung von TOGG! C-Segment Limousine wird produziert

Die Arbeit für das heimische Automobil TOGG geht weiter. Schließlich erhielt TOGG die gute Nachricht eines neuen Modells. Hier sind die Details..

Die Arbeiten für TOGG, auf die Millionen Bürger in der Türkei sehnsüchtig warten, gehen ohne Unterbrechung weiter. In der zu errichtenden Fabrik im Bursaer Stadtteil Gemlik ist das neue Modell für TOGG in Gesprächen gekommen. TOGG-Topmanager Gürcan Karakaş gab die gute Nachricht für das inländische Auto der C-Segment-Limousine bekannt. Der TOGG-Manager, der sagte: „Wir haben auch mit der Arbeit an der C-Segment-Limousine begonnen“, freute sich die Bürger.

Digitale Ansätze in der Automobilindustrie

Speaking at the International Automotive Engineering Conference (IAEC), Gürcan Karakaş noted that the automotive industry and technology are intertwined in line with customer expectations. Karakaş said that digital approaches will spread rapidly and transform the automotive into a living space, and said that they took the necessary steps for TOGG after examining nearly 20 companies.

Reminding that the TOGG project is a 15-year project, Karakaş used the following expressions while explaining his abroad goals: “For the success to be sustainable, there must be export capability, that is, competitive ability. That’s why we want to expand abroad by staying in our country for about 18 months and emphasizing our success there.”

C Segment Sedan TOGG Announcement

C segment sedan, which is the most popular body type in Turkey, will be in TOGG’s sales list in the future. As it is known, the C segment TOGG was first shown at the launch event, and then mostly SUV models took the lead. The models shown during the test stages were also SUV models. According to the information received, it is planned that „Turkey’s Car“ will initially enter the market with an SUV in the C segment, and increase the number of models to 5 in the following years.

While a 15-year investment plan consisting of 3 phases was implemented in the project, Karakaş made the following statement: “We will launch our SUV in the C segment in the first quarter of 2023. In order to enter the election basket in the medium-long term, we need to have more than one model. The ideal is around 4 to 6, as a new player, we set ourselves five models. I can even mention that the work on our C-segment Sedan has already started.”

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